A Narwhale is the playable character featured in It is short and a little chubby. It has 2 beady eyes on top of its head and a short tusk like a pencil point. It also has short fins on its tail.

Appearance Edit

The Narwhale is round at the front and slowly gets smaller towards the back. It has 2 small beady eyes on the top of its head, and in between there is a short tusk shaped like a pencil point. The tusk increases in size on every kill.

Abilities Edit

The Narwhale has only 1 ability called Boost, which allows it to boost forward in whichever direction its facing. Using its Tusk, it can slice through other Narwhales. The Tusk starts out with one Sprint boost, but as you get more kills, it can increase up to 4 Sprint boosts, longer tusk, and increased Stamina.

Controls Edit

The Narwhale can be controlled by simply aiming the mouse, which it will automatically swim in that direction, and left click or W to Sprint.