Sprint is a ability which allows the Narwhale to charge in the direction its facing, making a deadly slicing attack.

Use Edit

Boost can be activated when the 'Boost Square' is white. When 'left-click' or 'W' is pressed, a boost is activated. When a boost is activated, the Narwhale will charge at a high speed in the direction its facing and, if said Narwhale comes in contacted with another Narwhale, will slice that Narwhale in half, in the place where the Tusk hits. Boost takes 3 seconds with no upgrades to recharge.

Boost can be stacked up indefinitely, but the price inflates. Boost is unlike other upgrades because it requires multiple upgrades to get a new block. It takes 1 upgrade to get your first block, 3 to get your second block, ect.

Running into a enemy Narwhale tusk will cause you and the Narwhale to bounce back. The effect is barely noticeable unless they are boosting.

Boost is the only weapon in Combat.